The Mama Project


What Is The Mama Project?

As I sat among these smart, accomplished and talented women on a beautifully sunny day in San Diego, I listened. In a previous life these women were executives, lawyers, business owners, tv presenters, professors and other professionals.

As we regularly did, we got together with our babies, sat in a circle and talked.

One by one they talked about their careers and how many of them loved taking care of their children but didn't find full satisfaction in being a stay at home mom. They were ready to go back to work.

As a friend sat weeping, barely able to get words out about how she longed to go back to work but was unsure of what to do, it hit me!

I have been asking myself, "How can I best be of service to my community?" My background is in personal development, presentation and communication coaching, and I have done over 10 years of working with professionals to help them get to the next level in their career, so why couldn't I do it for these fantastic women?

In that moment it struck me, these new moms and my friends needed support in getting back to clarity, back to the business world, and redefining themselves!

So this first workshop "Rediscover Your Career Mama" is something near and dear to my heart. Not only to help my friends and my local mom community but to help some of the HARDEST working people I know . . . . Moms.


Are you a mom looking to return to the business world? Take the first steps here and sign up for the 'Rediscover Your Career After Baby'.


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