Is Your Lack of Gratitude Turning People Off?

I was talking to a friend on the phone and he was complaining about a coveted award he recently received. And although I was not jealous I just felt sick about it. Why and how could an award that is nationally recognized be seen as a pain, and so negative? And why did my friend see it as a negative thing?

We can say and even feel grateful for promotions, raises, awards and talk about them. More importantly is how we decide to talk about them, and the words and energy we put behind them.

Many people might think it is bragging and go the opposite way and go “Oh I got a raise” :( in a sarcastic and yes I did it a frowny face way. But that can be insensitive to the person who wanted the raise, award or praise.

Gratitude comes out in our body language, words choice, the decisions we make, and the tone of our words.

It’s ok to feel happy about something you worked hard on and for.

And it is exciting to celebrate with your friends so to highlight your awards here are some...

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