Is Your Lack of Gratitude Turning People Off?

I was talking to a friend on the phone and he was complaining about a coveted award he recently received. And although I was not jealous I just felt sick about it. Why and how could an award that is nationally recognized be seen as a pain, and so negative? And why did my friend see it as a negative thing?

We can say and even feel grateful for promotions, raises, awards and talk about them. More importantly is how we decide to talk about them, and the words and energy we put behind them.

Many people might think it is bragging and go the opposite way and go “Oh I got a raise” :( in a sarcastic and yes I did it a frowny face way. But that can be insensitive to the person who wanted the raise, award or praise.

Gratitude comes out in our body language, words choice, the decisions we make, and the tone of our words.

It’s ok to feel happy about something you worked hard on and for.

And it is exciting to celebrate with your friends so to highlight your awards here are some...

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Have We Become Communication Cowards?

“When was the last time you actually said to someone’s face, I don’t want to be friends with you anymore”? I overheard this while sitting in a local coffee shop working. It was two friends in their early 40’s talking about friendship.

She posed a good question.

In fact, I wondered when was the last time I said that? Technology makes it easy to “unfriend”, “block”, “unfollow” those whom you deem unworthy of friendship, and while it is easy, it isn’t forcing us to have those difficult conversations about our feelings and why we feel that way and talking about it and truly feeling it.

So to my surprise, I just saw a new app that is supposed to foster higher levels of employee engagement. This app by its description, “. . . helps you in discovering your strengths and areas for improvement by receiving honest feedback from your employees and your friends in a private manner.”

In theory great idea, it runs...

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Why Yu Didn't Get The Job

Yu had ambition. He wanted to be the guy at the top, running the show. Yu was a two-time doctorate from a Top University in Machine Learning. He basically taught machines to think!

He was easily one of the smartest guys I ever met. His academic intelligence was never in question. He was at the top of his game in his work in the field of this cutting-edge technology.

But, he had one BIG problem. He was stuck. He'd been in his position for a long time and felt he had outgrown it. He could easily manage his projects, the teams and the department with his incredible intelligence. But, Yu didn't feel he was growing anymore and craved upward mobility.

He was missing something... a BIG something, a HUGE something. His academic superiority and gift always made him the smartest person in the room, but his lack of emotional intelligence (social and emotional awareness) made him difficult to talk with.

This was noted when he told me that he spent hundreds of hours studying how to be better...

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