Why Yu Didn't Get The Job

Yu had ambition. He wanted to be the guy at the top, running the show. Yu was a two-time doctorate from a Top University in Machine Learning. He basically taught machines to think!

He was easily one of the smartest guys I ever met. His academic intelligence was never in question. He was at the top of his game in his work in the field of this cutting-edge technology.

But, he had one BIG problem. He was stuck. He'd been in his position for a long time and felt he had outgrown it. He could easily manage his projects, the teams and the department with his incredible intelligence. But, Yu didn't feel he was growing anymore and craved upward mobility.

He was missing something... a BIG something, a HUGE something. His academic superiority and gift always made him the smartest person in the room, but his lack of emotional intelligence (social and emotional awareness) made him difficult to talk with.

This was noted when he told me that he spent hundreds of hours studying how to be better...

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