26 Skills That Will Improve Your Life Instantly

Social and Emotional Intelligence has been my focus for as long as I can remember. Academically I got good grades, but when it came to dealing with the social side of at school I found it so much more interesting, challenging and rewarding. I loved making friends, navigating the cliches and tribes and dealing with the ups and downs of relationships.

Fast forward to my career in professional and leadership development today, and whether it was helping introverted engineers develop soft skills, helping shy entrepreneurs network, or coaching C-Level executives to communicate with heart and passion, it was all tied back to these 26 skills that dramatically change your life once you conscientiously begin to work on them.

I live, eat, and breathe Social and Emotional Intelligence(SEI) and although it has been around academically since the early 1990’s (actually references to it much earlier than that and really since the dawn of man), it is still kind of a mystery to the average person.

Most people know it has to do with how we relate to others, our leadership abilities and how we handle our emotions, which are all correct! But beyond that, they lack the depth of how truly transformative these 26 skills/competencies are.

Social and Emotional Intelligence Coaching is helping individuals cultivate the skills and behaviors that will get them the kind of results they really want in their lives. It will allow them the wisdom to make better decisions, the resilience and grit to withstand work & social pressures, business difficulties and emotional turmoil and ultimately helps us develop the character to create emotional steadiness, confidence and deeper and more meaningful relationships.

Because each of the 26 competencies relate to how we relate to all people, consciously developing these skills allows our lives to change for the better.

I remember working with a client, she was a great person had a good heart but felt beaten down at work. She felt like her boss was always second guessing her thoughts and opinions. In a meeting, he would challenge her viewpoints in front of others, and it made her doubt herself and her abilities. Once we started working on her own personal power skills, she started speaking with conviction, standing up for her point of view, and getting heard by her boss. And I remember it so clearly, with pride and standing tall she reported back to me,

“You know I always thought my boss didn’t like me because he had something to say about everything I did. Now that I own my power, I realized he was speaking to me as an equal.”

Her boss didn’t actively change, she actively worked on developing her personal power. I am happy to report shortly after she was promoted, due to her initiative and transformed her working relationship with her boss and others.

So at this point, you may be wondering what are the 26 competencies that will instantly improve my life! Here they are in a beautiful graphic (however, if that is too small for you to read they are below as well);

26 Behavioral Competencies: Emotional Self-Awareness, Accurate Self-Assessment, Personal Power, Behavioral Self-Control, Integrity, Innovation & Creativity, Initiative & Bias for Action, Achievement Drive, Realistic Optimism, Resilience, Stress Management, Personal Agility, Intentionality, Empathy, Situational Awareness, Service Orientation, Communication, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Powerful Influencing Skills, Conflict Management, Inspirational Leadership, Catalyzing Change, Building Bonds, Teamwork & Collaboration, Coaching & Mentoring Others, Building Trust.

Through understanding each competency, where your strengths are and your opportunities to become even better, any one of them with drastically change the quality of the relationship with yourself and others.

In the coming articles, I dive further into what these competencies can mean for you in advancing your managerial skills, your leadership skills, and your life skills.

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