Narcissists, tyrants, and bullies, oh my!

It’s possible to transform a nightmare boss into your staunchest ally. Discover how to transform your biggest critic into your strongest advocate.  #nomorebadbosses

I can help you learn how to deal with difficult bosses. (And admit it, we all have somebody in our life who’s difficult.) You don’t have to keep changing jobs! You’ll learn to manage and create a difficult boss into your biggest champion, and in the process, you’ll fast track your career while experiencing less stress. (Yes, it’s possible!)

p.s. Maybe you are an awesome boss and you have some tough people to work with. I can also help you too!



A promotion, award or recognition within 6 to 12 months of coaching.

Those who have higher EQ make on average $30k more than their lower EQ counterparts.

According to studies, you can expect a boost in your sales by 20%.

Improved team and business relations including increased morale and higher team retention / lower turnover.


"As a growing marketing agency, we had been experiencing rapid changes. Having just hired a team of full-time employees for the first time, I approached Diana for 1-on-1 leadership coaching sessions to help me be a better manager as well as set up a goals and incentives program. Diana is patient, a great communicator and helped me to look at things in a completely different light. She's always willing to take you a step further than you anticipated, which is helpful for finding growth and new ways to approach our challenges."

Samantha Anderson
Co-Founder // Director of Client Success of 41 Orange, Inc.

"Diana brings authenticity and insight into her role as a performance consultant and she directly helped me to take my career to the next level."

JP Novak
President at 512 Solar

""What would really help you right now?", Diana asked me. She had already given me the tools I needed to have a successful interview. Diana explained the process needed to give answers to interview questions and leave a lasting impression of yourself to a possible employer. I used this process two days later on my 2nd interview, and although the position I applied for was filled, the interview went so well, the employer found another position for me and offered that job. The timing could not have been better, and due to the results I achieved, definitely a great value."

Ike Edwards
Senior IT Technician at Austin Community College

"Diana’s coaching helped me overcome my challenge because she made me step back from my situation and see what I was doing to sabotage myself. She helped me gather tools to keep in my pocket to feel more confident, resilient and powerful. Diana helped me remember my capabilities, which allowed me to get back to a more positive mindset. By being open to this input and doing my homework – because coaches don’t do the work for you! – in a matter of weeks, I went from stay-at-home mom to sales exec doing what I had been trying to do for over a year. In the end, making a life change is an ongoing process. Working with Diana and taking advantage of her breadth of experience put me on a new, empowered path. I enthusiastically recommend Diana’s coaching to every professional interested in self-development and anyone interested in making a positive life change."

Laura Caputo
Account Executive / Law Bulletin MediaJob Title

"In a word, Diana is amazing! My experience with her has been incredibly positive. I was very impressed with her willingness to get to know me on a deep level. She was an amazing listener. What I learned from my sessions with Diana is how to be more present. I was so focused on the future on how I thought things should be, but Diana taught me how to embrace how positive things are at any given moment in time. She challenged me—and it was what I really needed. Through Diana, I also learned how to be resilient in any situation that life throws at you. When I initially met Diana, I was going through a difficult time. She really helped me turn my situation and thinking around. I highly recommend Diana to those that are truly willing to embrace change, challenge themselves and take big/positive steps in meeting life and career goals. Coaching truly worked for me!!"

Alicia Webb
Director of Marketing and Communications

Who I Am

I am a certified coach with 10 years experience helping aspiring leaders and leaders develop their personal influence and communication.

I’m passionate about helping leaders motivate their teams, articulate a clear and compelling message and communicate calmly and confidently during conflict.

I love working with professionals who are looking to fast track their career and advance their leadership skills. 


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